Why ‘Balance’ Is Key When Selecting Lighting For Your Interior Design Project

The experts from Light and Lives share their philosophy behind great lighting solutions.

As lighting experts in Dubai, we’re often asked for advice on ‘how to choose the right lighting’. And we understand why. When it comes to choosing the light solutions for your project, there are several aspects you need to balance. From design to budget, to the overall functionality and originality of the piece, each must be considered.

When approaching the task without the help of experts, it can be easy to become hyper-focused on one element – such as the budget – and lose sight of how the light will function. Here at Light & Lives, we strive for balance. And it’s in this delicate task of balance that we are able to find perfection.

So how do you find lighting that hits every note?


It’s a good idea to use a mix of products within your space. Of course, the selection of which products will largely depend on your established priority for the room(s). When working with Light and Lives you will have access to our large portfolio of brands that have been selected for their balance between, value, design, functionality and originality. Our lighting systems achieve balance through our expert knowledge and the brands we represent, there’s never a compromise on any of the factors.


We always advise our clients to opt for authentic pieces of lighting. Prioritising an original thought process – doesn’t have to mean it’s expensive. No, not when there are new manufacturers popping up across the world, with original designs, and inexpensive price tags.

Functional vs statement

A functional light is one that’s used for, you guessed it, pure functionality. Whereas a statement light is put in for design effect. At Light and Lives, we see the importance of using both, and being smart about where you use each type.

For example, in a kitchen or other other service areas such as storage or laundry rooms, functionality is key, and there’s no need to spend a fortune as you can get good quality, simple lights (that do the job) for affordable prices. However, in the living room, the design aspect is more important so you’ll want to allocate more of your budget to beautiful statement lights in here and also may be add an elegant affordable pendant light cluster above your kitchen island.

The way we see it, it is our job is to educate customers with their product selection, on where to choose cost effective products, so they have more money to add value where it matters.

Technical solutions

Another aspect of getting balance right is using technical understanding to know how many lights to use in each space. This is where working with experts can end up saving you money. To an untrained eye you may over-estimate how many fixtures you need, whereas those with technical expertise know how to get the desired look without putting in unnecessary lights.

Also, as consultants we are able to guide so you get the right solution to suit your needs. Our team of experienced lighting designers can simulate your space and determine the perfect specification and distribution through lux calculations as well as advice you on the most functional automation system setup to match your needs. Light and Lives don’t oversell products –we’d rather find the perfect solution for your project.

more money to invest

A key aspect of striking balance, is not over stretching your budget where you don’t need to. When you work with experts who use smart solutions, you’re left with more money to spend on the items that will add greater value to your project. Whether this be a gorgeous piece of furniture (Light and Lives have a curated selection of original designs from across the globe) or a piece of statement chandelier that gives the wow-factor to your project, save money where possible to add overall greater value.

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