Why Lighting Design Is Integral To Creating Beautiful Interiors

Shining a light on the importance of expert design.

We all know when a room has been well-designed. You can sense it from the minute you walk into the space. But how much of this is to do with lighting design? A lot, if you ask us at Light and Lives.

how does lighting design affect the overall look of the space?

It is one thing to fill a room with stunning furniture and finishings, but it’s another to get the ambience right. Great lighting adds dimension, and helps to draw attention to the most important design aspects of the room. And this can be achieved not only by having gorgeous decorative chandeliers but also with right kind of architectural lighting design.

What is lighting design?

Lighting design is the exercise of choosing the most appropriate products and positioning them while respecting the existing elements of the space. The right illumination set-up can help make a room feel bigger, or cosier if that is the look you’re going for.

It’s done through a combination of softwares such as dialux, autocad and sketch up enscape  that enables you to see how the lights will affect the overall look and feel of the room as well as have simulations for light pools and shadows reflecting real life installation which enables us to understand how different light types react with a given space. So, in order to have both a functioning and aesthetically pleasing environment, it’s important you spend time on designing and selecting the right lighting layout and specifications for your project.

why should you work with an expert when designing your lighting?

Of course, like any discipline of design, it is subjective. There are many strategies and ways of approaching it, but it always helps to work with an expert who has had years of experience and can help you bring your vision to life.

Right Lighting contributes to a person’s overall wellness in more ways than we can imagine. For example, selection of light fittings with good anti glare features reduces fatigue and improves overall productivity, a well thought out residential lighting design will consider the Human Circadian Rhythm of sleep wake cycle and will coordinate with the automation controls in order to set scenes to match this cycle whereas a functional restaurant or café lighting design considers the ambience change through the course of the day and will have light fixture selections to bring out the best in a space through the course of the day.

on-site challenges

We have never come across a project which worked out 100% exactly as per initial drawings and plans. Every project comes with its own set of complexities, coordination and variations. Hence, an expert lighting design from an accountable entity who considers synergy between all other elements of a project as per site conditions is a must to avoid last minute surprises as planning ahead means you will likely end up saving money – which is certainly a win-win situation to be in.

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