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As objects weave their way into our spaces and memories, they become a representation of what we are and where we come from. They become a part of our lives and assures us that, yes, this life really did happen. We owe it to ourselves to make it beautiful. Inspired by light’s nature, its interaction with spaces and its effect on humans, Light & Lives is a balanced take on all design philosophies. Light essentially conveys a sense of Optimism, energy and warmth that characterize the way to live ones life.

Being a unique boutique lighting design studio, furniture & objects store, Light & Lives aims to convey these values through Design & Innovation. Tailoring human centric solutions with the right elements to achieve an environment that exudes warmth and positivity is our prime motive.

The world of architecture is unique, unrepeatable, and unpredictable in its constant evolution. We handpicked leading contemporary brands with original ideas to bring out new perspectives of creating a space resonating the best of modern design today. We strive to create solutions that can withstand the test of time allowing them to never go ‘out of style’.

Being surrounded with nature or otherwise, we believe that for great design, light and objects are key contributors for a positive human experience in a space. With our expansive knowledge in lighting, décor and furniture our vision is to contribute in the creation process of this positivity.

Our core purpose is to help you walk into a space and feel that one thing – BALANCE

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