Interior Design

To Copy Or Not To Copy

Why you should invest in authentic lighting & furniture

Ok, we’ve all considered at some point. Whether it was a counterfeit bag that tempted you, or a copy of an iconic furniture piece that you debated buying. Deciding whether to buy a fake designer item certainly brings up an interesting moral dilemma, and it’s one that most of us have debated (if we’re honest with ourselves).  And while we’re aware of the term ‘fake it ‘til you make it’, when it comes to investing in lighting and furniture for your home, workspace or a retail store, here at Light and Lives, we will always advise you to invest in authenticity. Here’s why:

You Get What You Pay For

The less you pay for something, the lower quality it will inevitably be, especially when there are pricier options. It is almost as if it’s a law of the universe. Much like designer watches, designer lighting, furniture and other deco elements are copied and usually produced with cheap materials and inferior craftsmanship to keep the cost down. Also, most of these ‘copy cats’ do not have a Research & Development budget when it comes to factors such as ergonomics, comfort, durability etc, the focus is usually on making a most similar looking products which is just a part of the overall user experience.

Invest In Good Design

Buying original doesn’t have to mean an extortionate price tag. With so many companies worldwide producing original designs, there are so many options to choose from, and lots of them are affordable. At Light and Lives we always advise our clients to go in a different direction, and select something original, that’s why we work with manufacturers from around the globe, with price tags from low to high.

Protect Art

When you spend money on an original design, you are supporting the creator to continue making their art. Coming up with innovative ideas takes time and energy, and your purchases will help to support this creative process.

Preserve The Essence

Regardless of how well a manufacture can replicate a product, they will never be able to capture the integrity of the product. Even if it is 99.9 percent accurate, the ‘soul’ of the product will be missing, and this will be reflected in how your space looks and feels.

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