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The Loft Fifth Avenue Salon

The Loft Fifth Avenue, founded in 2008 by Jacob Hyraki, quickly became one of the leading beauty hubs in the UAE. Their latest salon in in the heart of the Fashion Avenue district in The Dubai Mall, took cues from a classic urban aesthetic with black and white glossy finishes and white brick. Designers Brand Creative set out to create a narrative that looks at every fashion girl’s wildest dream – what it would actually feel like to live in New York City.

Floor to ceiling black and white photography was a key element in developing the reimagined space. Omitting typical model faces and poses, and selecting visuals where women were engaging in everyday city life scenarios, allows clients to easily transport themselves into the heart of the big apple. Tinted and corrugated glass along with grey washed woods add warmth and texture to the interior palette. A slick new application of black mosaic tile with white grouting creates striking, graphic backdrops to the hair wash and nail areas. Black perforated mesh in a variety of custom configurations was layered over distressed walls and tinted mirrors, adding depth. Another key feature within the space is the black circular metal loft staircase, which allows for great instagrammable photos.

Fluorescent pink and white LED rope lighting is overlaid onto skyline photography as an ode to Times Square. In the nail area, custom light bars mimic an abstracted deconstruction of the skyscrapers that define the city. Photographs of Tristan Eaton’s vibrant graffiti works add a pop of colour. Particular attention was paid to customised multiservice stations that were designed in collaboration with salon equipment experts at Cindarella. The stations allow for hair styling, manicures, pedicures, threading, and neck massages to be performed simultaneously. For therapists, key ergonomic principles were applied to the custom design of their work chairs for optimum lower back support, considering longer sitting time and specific postural requirements.

CLIENT The Loft Fifth Avenue
DESIGNER Brand Creative
CITY Dubai
COUNTRY United Arab Emirates

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