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Reach Cafe

With an unconventional approach, this space was designed in reflection of the fun and colorful nature of the brand – with a youthful atmosphere, quirky elements, and playful detailing, bringing it to life.

Inspired by its location, the designers created a vibrant and relaxing space through the use of natural tones, pops of blue, and a careful selection of materials and textures. To achieve this, a focus was placed on using materials that added warmth, resulting in a revitalized space mixed with exposed ceilings and marble furniture. The decor follows an industrial theme with a bold and expressive character in its clean minimalist interior.

Contrast is created by complimenting materials used together such as the tiles and paint with concrete. Inside, the task areas are clad in white and blue mosaic tiles with black stools.  Both seating areas are adorned with lighting fixtures that offer linear, minimal design to the refined interiors. The concrete finished interiors, dazzling neon signages and tile cladding, helped to make the whole space look lively.
In the dining space, one of the interesting challenges was to create custom-made ceramic wall sconces to match the same raw materials as used for the floor. We also integrated floor lamps with plants in the
task areas, to fill the space with freshness and bring the outside in. Other design features a metal mesh layer installed on an exposed concrete wall and pendant lights above counter table made from the same
materials as to match the floor and wall sconces.

To further complement this style, lighting and furniture were selected accordingly, which not only reflect industrial cafe design but also create an atmosphere to work and mingling that is a distinctive step away from the typical cafés. Even with the use of industrial style decors, this warm café, is the perfect spot for an artistic soul to relax and unwind.

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