Ibn Battuta

Precision & Coterie Sports Bar And Restaurat

Precision & Coterie is an evolved take on a football training centre and a modern sports bar &
restaurant. Overseeing and delivering the branding as well as the interior design of the project, Aujan
Interiors have taken a clean, modern, and sophisticated approach to the design.

Precision is an indoor assessment centre anchored with an indoor football ground, assessment room and numerous Football Training spectrums. The main area has elements of intuitive dynamic LED RGB linears using seamless transition between themes, on the vertical structures to display various themes and low bay fixtures over the pitches to provide glare free to replicate the illuminate the lights for a real time football area. The lighting approach for this space includes linear luminaire that has wide light distribution for comfortable uniform lighting. Separating the areas, are 360 linear ceiling luminaires with a simple design, in classic black and white, intended to enhance – but not overwhelm – the space. Located in Ibn Battuta, Precision & Coterie overlooks a football field, bringing the outdoor in, in an interplay of natural and artificial lighting. Whilst the interior may be simple, the use of anti-glare/indirect lighting throughout creates an appealing, relaxed ambience illuminating the right space at required levels.

Seeking to steer away from the traditional dingy memorabilia laden sports bars of old, Coterie has been
designed to create a fresh urban sports bar and lounge along with a plethora of TVs across the room where punters can catch the latest action. The showstopping central bar anchors the space and plush lounge seating, bespoke lighting pockets and rich materials layered throughout instill a sense of opulence and grandeur, creating an elevated yet approachable dining experience. Brass detailing, leather finishes and custom lighting create an elevated look while still maintaining a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Intimate lounge spaces with marble tables, plush sofas, and a VIP room make up the rest of the space.

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