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Let’s Cafe

Located in Khalifa City – Abu Dhabi, the interiors of this homegrown coffee concept are designed to provide a relaxed experience to customers. Calm and low-key, Let’s Cafe offers the perfect spot for those wanting to take a break from the buzzing city and recharge with a coffee.

Designed in a concise color palette, decked in plush green foliage and clay wall art conceptualized by an Emirati artist, the cafe provides a great spot for winning at both business exchanges and great coffee.

The cafe is inspired by elegant interiors in shades of burnt orange, and grey, wodden tables and comfy sofas. The curtain cove lighting also adds an understated elegance and breathes life into this incredible space.

The accent lighting over the tables creates a cozy glow creating an intimate, convivial atmosphere for the diners. It’s diffused ambient glow ensures that the room is functionally lit while providing enough direct down light so that the table is illuminated for eating.

Let’s Cafe also prides itself on serving fresh in-house baked croissants, traditional Emirati cuisine, salads, pastries, whole cakes and more.

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