Dubai Hills Villa

Working alongside MWM Interiors, a leading design studio in the Middle East, we chose a series of sleek and seamless installations for this contemporary luxury villa in Dubai Hills, UAE. This included adapting some of our best-loved collections from Flos, Kundalini, Estiluz and Lodes by tailoring formations, colors and coatings to perfectly complement the interiors.

As a dominant piece, we produced and installed a bespoke installation for this private residence. The 14 meters long chandelier cascading down a grand stairwell in a showering effect, from the rooftop ceiling to the basement. Custom-made in golden hues and LED tubing this bespoke piece complements and elevates the interiors’ neutral palette. The second installation glides from the entrance of the villa leading to the hallway.

Residents can also control the ambient lights in different spaces, leading to a variety of lighting schemes on any given day. Various luminaires were chosen and installed, minimalist and suitably sized, that go well with the architecture of the villa. With attention to detail, this lighting project was designed to emphasize the environments with a perfect fusion of natural and artificial light.

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