Jumeirah Al Naseem Dubai

Blind Tiger

Designed with a ‘Rainforest’ theme in mind, Blind Tiger, is a contemporary lounge with a strong statement. The biophilic theme is communicated with key design elements like artwork, lighting, furniture, materials and accessories, giving a unique identity to the lounge.

The guest journey is curated with experiences designed to stimulate the senses as one traverses from the main stairway entrance up until the outdoor dining area. The reception opens to an inviting space, lined up on either side with forest-themed feature canvases with intricate layer of lighting representing the twilight in the wild. The central ceiling features hand painted artisanal clouds accentuated with indirect lighting which sets the engaging tone across the room.

Blind Tiger essentially consists of 3 main areas: indoor dining, the main bar area, and outdoor dining. The various areas of the space whilst being separate, seamlessly integrate with one another and carefully curated lighting, both statement pieces and architectural, help create that design language.

The lighting approach for this space for both architectural and decorative lighting has been inspired to elevate the design story of the twilight sky in a forest. The hidden architectural lights help sculpt the spaces and accentuate their geometry.

Inside, the seating area clad in dark and bold tones, is adorned with minimal yet effective lighting fixtures which help layer the refined interiors with the right tones and highlights. To further complement this style, the restaurant opens up to a view of Jumeirah Al Naseem, bringing the outdoor in, in an interplay of natural and artificial lighting.

The approach of using low level anti glare / indirect lighting has been at the crux of the lighting design of Blind Tiger with an emphasis on having just the right amount of lights where its needed , at the level its needed and when its needed. The focus of the lighting environment for this one of a kind space has been to provide an intriguing atmosphere which predominates a contemporary aesthetic with a touch of elegance.

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