The Loft Fifth Avenue

Dubai Mall

The Loft Fifth Avenue was founded with a vision to revolutionize personalized hair, nail and skin care, a concept that came to life in 2008 in no other than our very own Fashion Avenue district in The Dubai Mall. Bringing the celebrated glam of New York City, the loft mirrors the perfect selfcare getaway in urban Dubai. With its bold and contemporary interior inspired from New York City lofts, the place channels the extravagance of beautiful possibilities, and the elegance of professionalism and modernity. Our team of professionals, award-winning stylists and talented artists are committed to delivering the most exceptional customer experience, one that you will remember and incorporate in your weekly self-love routine. The Loft Fifth Avenue is still growing, with 13 branches in the UAE, all of which have become the ultimate destination for men and women around the city and the reason behind our success and reputation as the industry-leader in hair and beauty services.

The Loft Fifth Avenue, Dubai Mall branch was designed by Brand Creative. We supply the architectural lightings that matches the needs of the space. Using Romer a brand from New Zealand.


The Loft Fifth Avenue


Brand Creative






Dubai Mall




United Arab Emirates

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