NEXT50 Office


Next50 is a leader in Industrial AI and at the forefront of Abu Dhabi’s Technology Vision, to create value through AI, data science, automation and digital services.

The Next50 offices were designed to strategically utilize the ample daylight available in the unit; exploited through the floor to ceiling glazing running all through the space. The use of daylighting patterns can simply change the mood of a space, while providing the utmost in occupant comfort, health and productivity. With lighting designed to compliment the daylight spectrum between 2300K and 3000K, a spacious and connected look was created within the space while reducing the need for artificial lighting, which brought a beneficial reduction in energy use.

Respecting the individual character of different workstations at Next50, we applied Acoustic pieces from Devorm (Pivot & Onde) with effective sound-absorbing properties that helped meet the functional needs of different settings along with various lighting modes.

With a new way of working with clients in the Post-Pandemic climate, the workspace includes a blend of spaces like meeting rooms, interactive spaces, focus rooms, hot desks, telephone booths and pantry spaces. The acoustically designed hotdesking spaces are also perfect for working to avoid disturbing adjacent workstations. Pops of orange and blue seating and acoustics play nicely with the otherwise neutral space, again adding that small but not overwhelming creative element to the space.