The multi-award-winning lighting from Luceplan combine architectural elegance with cutting-edge energy efficiency. Luceplan design lamps are defined by their simple yet exquisite designs, utility, and intricacy — the company’s founders’ architectural expertise is obvious. Luceplan lamps are versatile and inventive, enhancing our quality of life both indoors and out. Fresh ideas and remarkable collaborations are provided by internationally renowned designers. Alberto Medo, the company’s designer and engineer, has been a close collaborator since 1984. Several of his lights for Luceplan have won design prizes and are used to illuminate well-known institutions and establishments: the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam is lit by his exquisite yet pleasant Maritime lighting series Metropoli. The suspension lamp Titania can be spotted in all German post offices, while his innovation Berenice offers wonderful working light to the desks in the office spaces of the prominent newspaper New York Times.