La Chance

La Chance is a Paris based design company producing furniture, lighting, accessories, rugs and wallpaper with a strong and distinctive style. La Chance gives a contemporary interpretation of the ornamental and decorative French furniture tradition rooted in the Art Deco period. The creations of La Chance share a sophisticated, rich and singular design based on noble materials. It is a come back to a warm and uninhibited luxury, breaking away from cold and conceptual design. 

Over 48 CMOver 48 CM

BLOCK Armchair

AED 8,979.60AED 11,340.00
37 to 48 CMOver 48 CM

HOPI Ottoman

AED 11,965.80AED 17,669.40

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37 to 48 CMOver 48 CM


AED 28,438.20AED 29,933.40
37 to 48 CMOver 48 CM

MEWOMA Dinner Table

AED 21,546.00AED 37,489.20
Over 48 CMOver 48 CM

PENROSE Dinner Table

AED 29,841.00AED 32,016.60
Over 48 CMOver 48 CM

PLANET Bar Chair

AED 3,057.60AED 5,359.20
Over 48 CMOver 48 CM


AED 2,259.60AED 3,960.60

Salute Side Table

AED 5,917.80AED 10,609.20