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At Light & Lives, we understand how vital design is to the way you live, work and feel, which is why we’re passionate about helping you make the right choices. Every day, we’re driven by a single purpose – to create a positive impact on your life by enhancing your wellbeing and helping you love the space you're in.
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Designed by Stefan Diez, Plusminus is a groundbreaking new lighting system that gives material body to invisible electric currents, allowing light to be sculpted into whatever shape you desire.
At the heart of the Plusminus system is a flexible textile belt, which has been specially woven to seamlessly incorporate conductive fibres. Different lights can be clipped onto the belt at any point along its length, instantly illuminating to provide a click-and-connect system that offers complete freedom of creation.
The name IVY relates to the clustering of lamps on numerous cables that are reminiscent of climbing branches. The cables intertwine and overlap in the same way as the plant ivy, adapting to the environment and framing certain details of the space. The composition emphasizes various focal points from different or changing points of view of those who walk through the room.
The design was also inspired by rings, specifically wedding rings, as pendants on necklaces. This motif translates to the ring’s position on the double cable, reinforcing it as a simple yet precious object, making the perfection of its form the value.
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